Option Features Price Let’s do this
Basic Account Create unlimited challenges hosted on challengebuilder.com Free! You're all set
Single premium challenge Create a single challenge, then upgrade it to premium to host it on your own website $10 Log in to purchase
Premium subscription Create up to 10 challenges a month and host them on your own website $10 the first month, then $20 each future month Log in to purchase

What’s right for me?

Example Scenarios Recommended Option
I want to create challenges and give people a link to challengebuilder.com to participate Basic Account
I want to create a single challenge to predict the winners of an Awards Show and host it on my personal blog Single Premium Challenge
I want to create weekly challenges during the football season and host them on my business’s website to increase traffic and engagement Premium subscription
I have a custom need that doesn’t match any of these options Contact us and we'd be happy to work with you